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Author:  rotokirby [ Mon Dec 12, 2005 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Down Time

Anyone that is curious about what the heck is going on with our site today....

this is from the emergency status page for our reverse chronological order...

rotofugi's webhost wrote:

Mon, 12 Dec 2005

16:34 PST - Yet More DDoS
Well, the attackers are continuing to change the attack, we're still working as hard as possible to stop this stuff! As they attack different machines in different ways, some of them are crashing, we're getting things back online as quickly as possible.

15:33 PST - Better!
Okay, we fixed up the second DDOS, and things are better again.. we're keeping a close eye out for anything else!

15:12 PST - Scratch that.
We've just started to get ANOTHER ddos to a new IP. Currently more than 1000mbs of traffic is coming in, saturating our uplink again. We're working our hardest to get this new attack under control.

14:54 PST - DDoS Over
The DDoS has been null-routed by our upstreams and things have returned to normal! Dang kids!

13:35 PST - DDOS coming under control..
We don't yet have the attack totally stopped at our upstream providers, but we've null-routed the IP they were attacking internally so our internal network between our web servers and the netapps that hold their data is okay. We're bringing up any machines that crashed now, and our uplink is no longer saturated as the attack is down to about 520mbs from the 1gbs+ it was originally. So, right now apart from a few crashed servers that should be up soon, everything should be working again.

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