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Author:  rotokirby [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 6:05 am ]
Post subject:  Rotofugi Shipping...

All orders placed between now and January 9 will be shipped on January 10.
We're off visiting family for the week. We hope every one else has a Happy New Year! Thanks, Whitney & Kirby...aka Rotofugi.

PS...if you're in Chicago, the store is still open for sure to say hi to
Rotohelpers August and Jenny for us. :)

Also....we probably won't be around much on the boards either, but will be checking email periodically...feel free to email us at and we will return your email as soon as possible although there may be a delay in our response. Thanks for your understanding. :)

Author:  Marinaro500 [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:04 pm ]
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Glad you guys are taking a break, very well deserved. It's amazing to look at the "GONE" section of the store and see how much of it has come & gone in the last 6 weeks!!!!

Hopefully I can get to the store this week and see August or Jenn. They are both very good Rotopeeps!!! (hopefully they are aware of my 80% off discount and that everything is 'buy 1 get two free' for me :shock: )

Enjoy your time off. Hold hands. Drink beer (Whitney can drink vodka). Sleep in. Eat good food. Send me a postcard.

Joe M500

Author:  pinkish_hue [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 1:49 pm ]
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i agree. a very well deserved week off. have a great week you two! and don't worry about the board, i'll hold down the fort for ya. i'll make sure the kiddies play nice. *_____*

Author:  DeanoMeano [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 4:48 pm ]
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Have a great vacation and Happy New Year!

We won't cause too much trouble while you're away, heh heh heh. :evil2:

Author:  burger [ Sun Jan 01, 2006 5:17 pm ]
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Good times! Be safe and have a fun filled vacation! :-D

Author:  NoodleR [ Sun Jan 01, 2006 5:44 pm ]
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Someone must have hacked their account, cause the Fugis' never take breaks! :D :p... Well deserved you two! Have fun, and take your time coming back :)..> I'll keep order here :D

Author:  ryanprov [ Sun Jan 01, 2006 5:52 pm ]
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Are they gone?


Party time!

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